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PVC Pipe Installation in Miami, FL

Hanging PVC Conduit for Broadband Technical Resources in Miami, FL. Pictures courtesy of Valerie Ellington, Southeast Regional Manager.

The McClain & Co., Inc. Florida office, managed by Valerie Ellington (1) - Southeast Regional Manager, was contracted by Broadband Technical Resources Miami FL to do a Underbridge Conduit - PVC pipe installation. McClain & Co., Inc. has the experience and flexibility to ensure that the job is completed in a timely manner. 

McClain & Co., Inc. maintains the largest fleet of Underbridge Access Equipment in the industry as well as an extensive group of Utility and Aerial Equipment. This fleet is available to our Construction Division. For this project, to facilitate underbridge access to complete the PVC pipe installation, the crew used McClain & Co., Inc.'s Aspen Aerials A30. 

By having the tools to respond to the unexpected keeps our company flexible and the project on schedule. Completing projects on time is a standard that is stressed to all levels of employees and measures are continuously being taken to reach that standard.

(1) For more information about our Underbridge Equipment and Utility & Aerial Truck Rentals in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee, please contact Valerie Ellington at vellington@mcclain1.com.

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