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Stone Ridge II, VA

Light Pole Foundations Installations - Loudoun County Park and Ride Lot Program.
The Park and Ride Lot Program is sponsored by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). It's part of VDOT's long-range multimodal plan. The Park and Ride lots are parking lots available for use when commuting to work or school, or when sightseeing, shopping, running errands, etc. 

Park and Ride lots allow commuters, particularly long-distance commuters, to park their vehicles at a convenient location and then finish their commute using alternative transportation modes - carpool, vanpool, bus, train, bike or walk. Park and Ride lots provide an essential service - a place to meet other commuters to facilitate ridesharing. 

Phillips Construction LLC contracted McClain & Co., Inc.'s Construction Division, to do the light pole foundations installations at the Stone Ridge II Park and Ride Lot. 

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