In an effort to learn more from the incident on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge on June 20, 2018, John R. Zour-Captain of the Special Operations team at the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services (HCDFRS) reached out to Lloyd Suthard-Safety Director at McClain & Co., Inc, Mark Luft-Underbridge Bucket Truck Training Coordinator, and Joseph “Joe” Chalk-Bridge Engineer at RK&K. 

The objective of the first Underbridge Fire Rescue Exercise was to provide relevant and realistic training to the members of their Special Operations team to help them achieve a realistic training scenario. McClain & Co., Inc. provided the Underbridge Inspection Unit to use on this training scenario on the I70 Bridge over the Patapsco River. 

On June 20, 2018, McClain’s Underbridge Inspection Unit was the truck impacted at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge that got on fire. Joseph Chalk was one of the Bridge Inspection Engineers rescued that day. Over thirty members of the HCDFRS Special Operations team had the opportunity to learn firsthand and how to prepare for unique situations like the events at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. The team of McClain & Co., Inc. wants to recognize the initiate of the HCDFRS Special Operations team lead by Fire Battalion Chief Stephen Hardesty.

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