Construction division, aerial work platform, span overhead sign structure installation
The Federal Highway Administration emphasized that highway signage contractors and maintenance workers understand the importance of well-maintained signs. Well-maintained signs are essential for drivers in making right decisions. Many signs require or advise the drivers to take specific actions. These signs must be clean, legible, used correctly and in excellent condition to command the respect of a driver.


McClain & Co., Inc's Construction division has been contracted to perform several cantilevered structure installation projects. 

We have the expertise and equipment to meet your needs. McClain & Co., Inc. maintains one of the largest fleets of Underbridge Access Equipment in the industry as well as an extensive group of Utility and Aerial Truck Rental Equipment. This fleet is available to our Construction Division as needs arise.

For these type of projects, to facilitate the span overhead sign structure installation, the crew used McClain & Co., Inc.'s 60' aerial work platform, 70' aerial work platform, and 85' aerial work platform. 

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