Traffic Control Services, Traffic Control Management

Traffic Control Management

In the public sector, the most obvious MUTCD users are the State and local transportation planners and traffic engineers who design our roads and locate the traffic control devices that help drivers navigate them safely. There are the public works department employees who must understand how to install and maintain the traffic control devices. The engineers and planners work closely with Federal FHWA Division Office personnel who interpret and clarify MUTCD standards for their State and local partners. The FHWA also conducts extensive materials research, often in cooperation with the private sector designers and developers, to improve the effectiveness and visibility of traffic control devices.

Organizations with completely different charters and constituents depend on the MUTCD. For example, law enforcement personnel rely on the MUTCD as they monitor driver behavior and investigate traffic incidents. The insurance and legal communities frequently refer to the MUTCD when investigating claims or proceeding with legal activities that arise from traffic-related incidents.

The MUTCD is a valuable reference tool for the media. Design and engineering students rely on it for their academic work. Also, a variety of professional and safety organizations, whose members represent the various stakeholders, consult the MUTCD for information used in their materials, for training courses and workshops, or for rulemaking recommendations, and when providing technical assistance.